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Our Summer Clearance Sale

Hi friends, we've had great success over the last year, with just fantastic sales growth. So much so that we didn't have a chance to build the systems we need to sustain growth. So we're betting on ourselves, and taking a break from candle production for up to 3 months. We'll be building systems, building our Fall and Holiday inventory, and hiring a marketing intern to help everything run smoothly there.

But we don't want the candles we have in stock to go crusty, so we're running this Summer Clearance sale! Everything is priced as is. Have fun and try out some great candles at a great price, quantities are extremely limited! 

And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter so you'll know when we're back, ready to go for the Holidays and Fall!

<3, Kate, Owner and Chandler

Summer Inventory Clearance